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Generous Youth Donates First Buck to Feed the Hungry!

by | Jul 18, 2019 | News | 0 comments

Nick in Ohio recently shared this inspiring story with us. Last Thanksgiving Nick’s 11 year old son Kyler shot his first buck.  Shortly afterward that day Nick also shot a buck.  Nick said Kyler has such a giving heart that he decided to donate his deer to FHFH.  Nick felt compelled to donate his deer as well so they took both deer to one of our FHFH participating butcher shops – Sunset Meat Market in Piqua, Ohio.  When they donated their deer the butcher thanked them and congratulated Kyler on his first buck.

We sent Nick and Kyler several FHFH hats and an FHFH news magazine.  Kyler was surprised and said, “I want to donate all of my deer to them!”  Nick thought he was just excited by the hats, but was humbled to learn Kyler had been motivated by the stories in our news magazine.  According to Kyler, “We can feed a lot more families with our deer!”

THANK YOU SO MUCH Nick and Kyler for donating your bucks to help feed the people 
​in your community struggling with hunger.