Stories & Testimonies

Together we are having a tremendous positive impact in communities across America! Read some of the wonderful stories and testimonies from our participating food banks, feeding ministries, farmers, hunters, volunteers, and sponsors!

The Caring Place, Indiana
The Caring Place Meat Donation Valparaiso 2 In 9 1 21

FHFH recently had the privilege to pay the meat processing costs for a steer donated to The Caring Place in Indiana.

The Caring Place, Inc. provides inclusive service, shelter, and ongoing support for people experiencing domestic violence. Through advocacy, education, and awareness, they empower people to build supportive, respectful, compassionate relationships. Their organization primarily serves victims in Lake, Porter and Starke counties in Northwest Indiana, but may include victims across the country.

​We received a note of appreciation from them for the donation of the meat processing cost for the steer:

Roy Wilson of the Porter County Buyer’s Group recently donated and delivered one 941 pound steer to The Caring Place in Valparaiso, IN. Roy passed along that Farmers & Hunters Feeding The Hungry donated the processing of the meat, and we wanted to let you know how grateful we are. We’ve also publicly expressed our gratitude to all who made this possible on our Facebook page!

You will be receiving an official acknowledgment letter from our CEO in the mail, but we also wanted to personally contact you to let you know how meaningful this gift is to our shelter and the clients we serve. Thank you for working with Roy to make this happen. And thank you for all that your organization does to help organizations like ours and people in need.

With warm regards and gratitude,
Amy Blythe and The Caring Place

Frederick Community Action Agency, MD

Frederick Community Action Agency

The Frederick Community Action Agency would like to express our deepest gratitude to Farmers & Hunters Feeding the Hungry for their support every year! Without your support, many of the families facing food insecurity in Frederick County would not have meat for their meals they prepare for their families. Also, deer meat provides the essential protein that we require and is so much healthier than processed meat.

Again, thank you very much for your continued support, and we look forward to future donations from Farmers & Hunters Feeding the Hungry!
~ Michele Out, Frederick Community Action Agency

School Food Bank, Wicomico County, MD
School Food Bank

FHFH distributes meat to children and families struggling with hunger in Wicomico County, Maryland through a partnership with a local school food bank. We received the following letter from a parent whose family benefited from the meat provided by hunters this past season…

I want to thank you for helping our family with food provisions, including deer meat. Being single and helping my sister raise her 6 children can be quite challenging. From a nutritional perspective, the deer meat provided protein without fat and added chemicals that donated processed meat contains. The deer meat provides the same flexibility in different meals that beef provides, only it is much healthier. Our family enjoyed the meat, especially when we used it in chili. Each pack of meat fed 8 people, with some left over to partially feed a lunch meal the next day.
I also helped deliver food boxes that contained the deer meat to other homes in our school community. Many of these families had no transportation to come to the school to pick up the meals. A memory I will never forget was when we were knocking on a trailer door. It seemed no one would answer, so we left it on the steps. It was cold, and we weren’t worried about it spoiling. As we were stepping away, a little girl about 11 or 12 opened the door, saw the boxes and shouted excitedly into the trailer, “We’ve got food!” Supporting the people who provide the deer meat is a much-needed essential in our community.
The deer is plentiful, and hunters who reach their limit often donate the deer knowing it can be used in local food banks. But there are no processing plants to turn the deer into food for the table. Nor would we want that as it would remove the clean natural healthy chemical free protein that deer meat provides. The flexibility of meals with the meat makes it choice meat.

We also received three wonderful thank you notes from students whose families received deer meat through the program…

We Also Received ThreeThese messages are a blessing and a testament to the good work being accomplished by the volunteers, hunters, financial donors, and participating meat processors in Wicomico County, Maryland. This is just one example of the impact our ministry is having in many local communities!

The Jericho House, Georgia

The Jericho House Georgia

Joe Schuster, FHFH coordinator for North Georgia Foothills, shared this about the importance of donating venison to organizations such as The Jericho House:

The Jericho House is a Christ-centered drug and alcohol recovery program located in the beautiful Sautee Nacoochee Valley in the mountains of North Georgia. It ministers healing and restoration to men caught in addiction using biblical counseling, teaching, small groups and work programs.

In January 2020, my participating meat processor, Chuck Cotzer, asked if we could direct our meat donation to someone he knew with an admirable program—Larry McKenna of Jericho House. I contacted Larry to offer some meat, and he immediately replied with a hearty ‘yes and thank you!’ I checked in with Larry recently to learn more about how he and Chuck had gotten to know each other…

“Joe, a few years back I met my friend and someone that I call my brother, Chuck, as we shared a mutual love for motorcycles. From there, we learned that we had a common interest in hunting and harvesting deer. I have hunted north Georgia and have brought all my deer to be processed through his processing,” said Larry. “I also got to know that Chuck has a big heart for those in need, and now we have been blessed to receive a bounty of deer meat thanks to you and Chuck. The food aids us in our budget for feeding 25 men in our recovery program, and we are truly thankful!”

This past year, Joe and our North Georgia Foothills chapter donated over 500 pounds of venison to assist with the food budget of Jericho House! To learn more about The Jericho House, visit them online at

Bloomfield Food Pantry
Bloomfield Food Pantry

​Thank you so much for remembering our food pantry with the donation of ground venison from FHFH. We were almost out when you called and offered the meat to us. Just about everybody that comes to the pantry wants a pound or two of venison each visit.

You have blessed so many families through the FHFH organization giving the meat. This year has been a rough one for many families, but FHFH supplied meat that was much needed. Again, thank you and God bless you and the members of Farmers & Hunters Feeding the Hungry. ~ The members of the Bloomfield Food Pantry

Generous Youth in Indiana Donates a Buck and a Doe to FHFH

Generous Youth In Indiana

In 2019, Andrew in Indiana shot and donated a button buck to FHFH for the local food pantry. He also harvested a nice 13 point that he kept for a mount. With his donation, Andrew was entered into a contest for a gift card, which he won! The gift card was used to purchase a new hunting rifle that he used in 2020 to shoot two does and another large buck—this time a 9-point that is in the process of being mounted as well. He donated the buck along with one of the does to FHFH. He just had both bucks measured and scored. The one from 2019 was 155 7/8 and the one from 2020 was 153 1/8.
Andrew loves hunting, and his family appreciates having the opportunity to donate the meat locally to help feed those in need once their own freezer is full. Andrew is an honor roll freshman, runs varsity cross country, participates in 4-H and FFA, and he loves hunting, trapping, fishing, forging, and welding. Now he’s added “feeding the hungry” to his young list of accomplishments!
Thank you, Andrew, for donating your buck to FHFH and helping to feed the hungry people in your community!

First Buck Donated to FHFH
First Buck Donated

Kelli donated her first buck to Black Fork FHFH (OH-43) last year. Kelli shared how she helped feed people in need.

“My third time ever hunting, I was able to help feed the hungry with a nice buck. I was very fortunate to hunt in a deer stand that my stepdad built for me, because I broke my foot prior to hunting. I shot the deer with a 450 Bushmaster right after sunrise, about 80 yards out. I will never forget shooting my first buck, and the families it was able to feed.”

Thank you, Kelli, for donating your buck to FHFH. Because of your generosity, approximately 200 servings of meat will be provided to people struggling with hunger.

Generous Youth’s Wish to Donate Her First Deer to FHFH to Feed the Hungry Comes True!

Generous Youths Wish To Donate

Chad in Ohio shared with us that his daughter Lizzie donated her first deer to FHFH! Lizzie has been hunting for three years, and it has been her wish to donate her first deer to FHFH.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Lizzie, for donating your deer to help feed the people ​in your community struggling with hunger.

A Generous Youth in Maryland Donates His Buck to Feed the Hungry
Buck To Feed The Hungry

A generous youth in Maryland recently donated his first deer to FHFH. Eli said, “God blessed me, so I will bless others.”

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Eli, for donating your buck to help feed the people ​in your community struggling with hunger.

Generous Youth Donates First Buck to Feed the Hungry!

Nick In Ohio

Nick in Ohio recently shared this inspiring story with us. Last Thanksgiving, Nick’s 11-year-old son Kyler shot his first buck. Shortly afterward that day, Nick also shot a buck. Nick said Kyler has such a giving heart that he decided to donate his deer to FHFH. Nick felt compelled to donate his deer as well, so they took both deer to one of our FHFH participating butcher shops—Sunset Meat Market in Piqua, Ohio. When they donated their deer the butcher thanked them and congratulated Kyler on his first buck.

We sent Nick and Kyler several FHFH hats and an FHFH news magazine. Kyler was surprised and said, “I want to donate all of my deer to them!” Nick thought he was just excited by the hats, but was humbled to learn Kyler had been motivated by the stories in our news magazine. According to Kyler, “We can feed a lot more families with our deer!”

THANK YOU SO MUCH Nick and Kyler for donating your bucks to help feed the people ​in your community struggling with hunger.

“As a family-owned company, we have always had an eye out for ways to help other families. LEM has partnered with Farmers & Hunters Feeding the Hungry (FHFH) because we believe in their mission. FHFH helps pay for donated venison to be processed and delivered to food shelters and other organizations across the country.”

Mossy Oak
Mossy Oak

“What better way to enlighten people on the positive role hunters play in today’s society than sharing their bounty. We learned years ago from Josh Wilson at FHFH that food banks and shelters do amazing work but are almost always lacking in protein in the meals they serve. Helping your fellow man is what FHFH does, and Mossy Oak is proud to have been a small part in their mission. God bless them for their tireless effort.”

Toxey Haas
​Owner/Founder of Mossy Oak

Quality Deer
Quality Deer Management Association
“The Quality Deer Management Association’s long-standing support for FHFH is due to their unwavering commitment to improving the lives of the one in seven Americans who are food insecure. Very few organizations address this basic, yet vital need in our society, nor can they match FHFH’s enviable record of success and impact. Simply stated, they are an organization that both deserves your support and earns your respect.”

Brian Murphy
Chief Executive Officer at QDMA

Sam’s Club Teams Up With FHFH
Samu2019s Club

For the fifth consecutive year, Sam’s Club 6544 in Loveland, Ohio has teamed with the Southwest Ohio Chapter of Farmers & Hunters Feeding the Hungry to supply venison to local food banks and feeding ministries in Cincinnati. The Loveland Sam’s Club donated $1000 through the Hunger Relief Grant program. Thank you, Sam’s Club!

Pictured from left to right are Sam’s Club associates Matt Wilkes, Sara Briggs, Southwest Ohio FHFH Coordinator Don Distler, associates Theresa Sutherland and Vickie Dosier, Sam’s Club Manager Mitch Rath and Southwest Ohio FHFH Coordinator Donald Boling.

Chamblee Georgia
Walmart Foundation

FHFH North Atlanta Coordinator, Carson Saville, (center) received a $1000 community grant from the Walmart store in Chamblee, Georgia.

Special thanks to the Walmart Foundation for their local grants program that provides millions of dollars annually to local charities serving communities nationwide!

Feeding Hungry People
Feeding Hungry People Is the Most Rewarding Thing

John and Beth Mollet have been volunteer coordinators for FHFH since 2005. Their chapter, Central Indiana FHFH, serves Hamilton, Marion, Hancock, Henry and Madison counties.

“Knowing that we’ve provided for hungry people is the most rewarding, children in particular. We both have a heart for the child and the elderly, and there are a lot of people out there that don’t have food,” John said. “Stats say one in five children go to bed hungry, and feeding hungry people is the most rewarding thing.”

FHFH Is a Family Ministry
FHFH Is A Family Ministry

Matt Coblentz, our new Chapter Coordinator for Lehigh Valley FHFH in Pennsylvania, was “blown away” when his wife Kelly and daughter Julia asked to help him out at the Lehigh Valley Hunting and Fishing Expo!

Kelly told him they wanted to help because “FHFH is a family ministry. It fits what we all love to do!”

Coordinator Ken Worman
Coordinator Ken Worman Blessed to Be a Part of FHFH

Ken Worman, Coordinator for Cass County FHFH in Indiana, says, “This is what makes being a part of such an awesome Christian Organization (FHFH) so special and rewarding; the feeling you get helping God to feed His people is so unbelievable. I am so blessed just being a part of FHFH.

We don’t realize how well we have it, until you go visit a pantry or mission. Being such a small piece of the puzzle can make your heart and mind feel so huge.

God bless all the FHFH staff, the coordinators, deer processors, pantries and all people involved in helping to feed our hungry in the greatest nation of all, the USA.”

Sharing a Passion for God and the Great Outdoors!
Tim Fisher

Tim Fisher, Co-Coordinator for Southwest Ohio FHFH, says, “I enjoy being an FHFH coordinator because it brings me closer to people like myself who share a passion for God and the great outdoors. Furthermore, I believe there comes a time in every hunter’s life that they have a desire to give back. FHFH does just that, and actually sheds positive light to the minds of the anti- and non-hunting public. It’s such a rewarding feeling to help others and not just ourselves!