475 Pounds of Meat Donated to Food Pantry

Orchard Mesa Baptist Church picked up 475 pounds of big game this week for their food pantry that was donated by Grand Junction FHFH in Colorado.We thank the hunters, financial supporters and volunteers who made feeding the hungry in their community possible!

Empty Freezer Filled for the Hungry

FHFH donated meat to a church food bank and received this note of thanks from Pastor Dave Hays at Battlefield Bible Church near Sharpsburg, MD: “We have a food bank and had lost some of our food donors and resources.  We had just run completely out of meat when...

FHFH Featured on Sportsmen’s Nation Podcast

Justin Ross – our FHFH coordinator in Delaware County, Ohio – shares about the history of FHFH, current projects, fundraising efforts, and how the ministry provides food across Ohio on a recent episode of the Sportsmen’s Nation podcast.