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Five Tips:  For the Birds

by | Aug 27, 2015 | News | 0 comments


Here are five tips on how you can encourage wild birds throughout the year.

Learn the names and needs of the common birds of your neighborhood, teach your neighbors, and get involved with your local birding community.  Start with

Put up a species specific and properly built bird house on your property. Manage the house and adjacent habitat so the native birds have food, water and habitat.  Start with the National Wildlife Federation Garden page.

Put up seed feeders and nectar feeders on your property – either very close or several feet away from your windows.  Start with Audubon at Home.

Put infrared stickers or screens on windows and doors that cause window strikes.  Start with Bird Watching Daily article.

Limit the use of lawn chemicals and pesticides in your garden – they are harmful not only to birds, but also to you, and your pets.  Start with this article from Hometalk.