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Every County, Everywhere

by | May 16, 2016 | News | 0 comments

by Josh Wilson

​Hunger can often be invisible. But the fact is,

there are people in every single county across our nation struggling with hunger.  And according to a recent article at CNBC, those in rural areas are also being hit by a combination of high unemployment rates coupled with higher than average grocery prices. 
Unfortunately many of us don’t realize how widespread the problem is – even when it’s right under our nose.

​A friend who is a local school administrator was in the lunch room monitoring the students one day. He noticed a youngster eating “like a pig” making a mess of himself, the plate, and the table. He sent the boy to the office and promised to follow up at the end of the lunch shift.  After lunch he met with the boy and asked why he was making such a mess. The reply? “I was hungry.”  Our friend told the boy he was hungry too.  After all, he had to watch several groups of students eat their lunches every day before he could sit down to eat his own.  He gave the boy one chance to come up with a better reason before facing discipline.  “Well sir…last night wasn’t my turn to eat.”

Wow – I don’t think he saw that coming!
It’s good to be reminded about the size and scope of the problem we face.  It’s also good to know that we can make a difference. FHFH offers a number of opportunities for you to become involved in the battle against hunger…

Please help us in the fight to end hunger today!