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by | Feb 17, 2017 | News | 2 comments

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“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, ….”   Matthew 25:35

Sometimes the suffering of those who are facing hunger goes to the back of our minds when our refrigerators and plates are full.  For someone who is dealing with the daily struggle of not having enough to eat the thoughts don’t go away.  Hunger isn’t an issue that’s impossible to fix, but it is impossible to fix alone.  

FHFH is a group of caring and compassionate individuals with a heart for those suffering from hunger.  We have been working together for 20 years to end hunger in our nation.  FHFH was founded in 1997 by Rick Wilson when he stopped to help a woman load a road kill deer into the trunk of her car and learned she was using it to feed her hungry children. The year FHFH was founded there was one coordinator in one state.  That year FHFH provided 26,200 servings of meat for meals for the hungry. Through the continued dedication of caring supporters, volunteers, and participating meat processors, FHFH has been able to grow the past 20 years and continues to provide nutritious protein for meals for those in our country who are struggling to get enough to eat.  FHFH now has 124 local FHFH chapters in 25 states across the United States with chapter coordinators who are dedicated to ending hunger!  Since FHFH’s humble beginnings in 1997 we have provided more than 18 million servings of meat to the hungry! 

We are grateful for the countless individual hunters, supporters, volunteers, meat processors, businesses, churches, organizations, food banks and government agencies who partner with us to provide meat and hope to those who are hungry.

Won’t you join us in “having a heart for the hungry”?  Your support will put food in the empty stomachs of men, women and children, and hope in their hearts.  You’ll join with others who are a shining example of caring people who are willing to help their struggling neighbors!

Make a financial gift:
When you give a financial donation to FHFH you can be assured your gift is well spent and you have the satisfaction of knowing you helped someone less fortunate.
$10 = meat for 22 meals
$25 = meat for 55 meals
$50 = meat for 110 meals

CLICK HERE to make a secure online donation.

You can also mail a donation to Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry at P.O. Box 323, Williamsport, MD 21795.  If you’d like to designate your donation for a particular FHFH Chapter, please write the chapter name, code or county in the memo line of the check.

To donate deer or livestock to a participating FHFH meat processor CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE to learn more about volunteering. 

On behalf of all those in our country suffering from hunger, we THANK YOU for “having a heart for the hungry”!

Josh Wilson
Executive Director
Farmers & Hunters Feeding the Hungry