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Passion for the Hunt…Compassion for the Hungry!

by | Nov 6, 2015 | News | 5 comments

by Josh Wilson


Hunters are passionate about their pastime. There is little doubt about that! The most recent survey information provided by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (2011 data) reveals the following totals for the United States:
  • 11.6 million people hunt large game
  • 212 million total days are spent in the field hunting each year
  • $16.9 billion is spent on hunting trips and equipment annually

That’s a lot of people, time and dollars! There are countless companies and organizations focused on hunters and hunting. And when you also factor in other preparation time, shooting practice, stories told, articles written, and videos generated, it’s easy to see that hunters are a very passionate bunch.

What often surprises people is how compassionate hunters can be – especially towards their hungry neighbors. It can be astounding to realize that hunters donate enough game annually to provide meat for
10 million meals for the hungry of our nation (average from reports compiled by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the National Rifle Association Hunter Services Division). Providing these donations often requires hunters to give additional time and money to the cause as they pursue an extra deer to give away to those in need.

This display of compassion is having an impact on the next generation of hunters as well. Many people who participate in venison donation themselves have been surprised – and some downright stunned – when their son or daughter decides to donate their first deer to help feed the hungry of their community. Some school districts that require student “community service learning hours” for graduation even allow those who hunt to include the hours spent retrieving and donating game in their total.

Programs like FHFH are truly making a difference in our society by helping hunters nationwide combine their passion for the hunt with compassion for those in need. 
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