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Organizations in Wicomico County, MD Grateful for Venison Donations

by | Jan 21, 2021 | News | 0 comments

A COVID-19 emergency response grant was awarded to FHFH by the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore  for hunger relief in Maryland and assisted FHFH in providing nutritious meat to food banks, food pantries and feeding programs.  The grant funding provided 3, 720 servings of nutritious venison to people in need in Wicomico County!
We received thank you notes from two of the organizations in Wicomico County who received the much needed meat:

Chip Todd from FHFH has been very supportive to the Mardela community. With his help we have been able to supply deer meat to over 75 families. The donations have helped the families have food for a few weeks and ease the financial burden. We’re very grateful for all the support and kindness from FHFH. Linda at the Mardela Middle/High School Food Pantry

We at the Blind of Delmarva cannot thank you enough for the donated deer meat we have distributed to our pantry members. Since COVID 19, there has been dwindling supplies of food, especially meat, for us to order from the Maryland Food Bank and the donation of deer has filled a very important void. The work you and the members of FHFH do each deer season is so important.
We service roughly 40 families, mostly disabled or elderly or working mothers with more than one job who cannot get to a food pantry. Since our small cadre of volunteers delivers, these are often forgotten people who would not otherwise have enough food without our help. We are deeply grateful for your donation so we can continue to service these people. We felt you would appreciate hearing about us.  Thank you so much.  ~ Joan Mitcheil, Administrator, Blind of Delmarva

On behalf of those who are struggling with hunger, we thank the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore for their generosity and support of our mission to end hunger!