NRA Hunters for the Hungry

NRA Hunters for the Hungry has provided a generous subsidy grant in support of our hunger relief mission to help hunters feed the needy of their communities through FHFH. We are grateful for their partnership and their compassion for those in need!

NRA Hunters for the Hungry is an initiative supported by the National Rifle Association to give back to communities by supplying thousands of meals to the needy throughout the country.

The NRA works closely with state programs/affiliates such as Farmers & Hunters Feeding the Hungry to put interested individuals in touch with programs in their area and foster public awareness through education, fundraising, and publicity.

Since the program’s inception, NRA Hunters for the Hungry has brought hundreds of thousands of pounds of venison to homeless shelters, soup kitchens and food banks across the United States.

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How FHFH Works



Hunters in some parts of the country are able to harvest more deer than they can eat or share with their friends and family. Farmers are issued management permits to reduce deer numbers that are damaging their crop yields. Some also have livestock they are willing to donate.


Hunters are invited to donate their deer to approved meat processors that participate with FHFH. Individuals, businesses, churches, clubs and foundations make contributions to FHFH to help cover the costs of processing, packaging and freezing the meat.


This nutritious, low fat, high protein meat is then given to community agencies such as church pantries, church feeding ministries, the Salvation Army, community food banks, emergency assistance programs, Rescue Missions, children’s homes to distribute or serve to their clients.
Your corporation or organization can become a Partnering Sponsor with FHFH today!
​Please email us or call 1-866-438-3434 for details.