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Hunters Helping the Hungry in Colorado

by | Aug 10, 2020 | News | 0 comments

Meat Donation For 8 9 20 News Article The Daily Sentinel

The Daily Sentinel in Colorado recently featured an article about Grand Junction FHFH – “Hunters Helping the Hungry Through New Program.”
Part of the article tells how Brandon Siegfried and his friend, Grand Junction City Council member Kraig Andrews, started the Grand Junction chapter of FHFH in 2018.  It is looking to continue to expand the amount of meat it collects this hunting season so it can further supply its recipient, Catholic Outreach, which works locally to feed the hungry. Siegfried  sees the meat-donation program as a way to help out the community and advocate for hunters at the same time.

Angela Walsh, director of Catholic Outreach’s soup kitchen, praises the work Siegfried has done starting the program and growing it so quickly, including through getting the grant money this year. “The first year when he first approached us we had like no meat in the freezer and he saved the day that year for sure,” she said. “There are some times that our meat supply gets so depleted we’re scrambling for eggs or any kind of protein.”  Walsh said the game meat donations through FHFH can make a big difference.

Read the entire article.