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Hunters and Farmers Help Feed 710,544 Meals to the Needy

by | Jul 23, 2020 | News | 0 comments

Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry (FHFH) – the venison donation ministry – received enough donations from generous hunters and farmers over the past year to provide meat for 710,544 meals to the hungry across America. Over 20.9 million servings of meat have been donated, processed and distributed through FHFH since 1997.

​Donations for 2019-2020 totaled nearly 89 tons of meat from deer, elk and livestock taken to participating local butcher shops by hunters during hunting season and by farmers over the course of the year. This also includes meat and food items donated through special projects initiated by FHFH during the COVID-19 pandemic that will continue through the summer.
“We had finished up another successful season helping hunters and farmers feed their hungry neighbors when COVID-19 hit,” said FHFH Executive Director Josh Wilson. “Now God is enabling us to help people impacted by reduced work schedules and job losses during the pandemic. We are so grateful for the faithfulness and generosity of everyone involved in the ministry during this time of great need!”
Financial support and grant funding from individuals, businesses, churches, other organizations and foundations enable FHFH to pay participating local butcher shops a discounted rate to process and package donated deer and livestock. The meat is then distributed to local food banks, feeding programs and ministries at no cost to help feed the needy of their communities.
​Inspired by a passion for the outdoors and compassion for the needy, FHFH is committed to addressing the problem of hunger across America. With volunteers and participating local butcher shops in over 20 states, FHFH enables hunters and farmers to provide protein-rich meat to local food banks, feeding programs and ministries in a unique and relevant way.
The organization welcomes new financial supporters and volunteers to join the cause. Those interested in learning more can visit, call toll-free 866-438-3434, or email for more information about the ministry.