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Helping Those in Need Since 1997

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Helping Those in Need Since 1997

Do you remember when McDonald’s listed how many total hamburgers they had served at the bottom of their signs? The numbers were in the millions. Then the billions. Then just “billions and billions.” Eventually that line disappeared from the signs. I guess we got the message – they’ve sold a LOT of hamburgers!

​In the early years of our ministry, a group of volunteers helped serve the evening meal at a local church soup kitchen. As the meal concluded a young girl proclaimed that the spaghetti with venison meat sauce had tasted even better than her meal at McDonald’s the night before. One of the volunteers asked the cook how this family could afford to eat out one night then end up at a soup kitchen the next. She replied, “Oh I know that family. They eat from the dumpster behind the restaurant.”

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Thanks to the Lord’s provision through generous supporters and friends like you, FHFH has been able to help hunters feed a lot more children and families. Since 1997 we have provided over 20 million servings of nutritious meat from donated deer and livestock to the hungry of the local communities we serve!

Now we need to keep going. Food banks list meat among their top needs. And as you know, the hunters who donate their deer know where to find it! We just need to continue raising enough money to pay our participating local butcher shops to process the meat for the food banks and ministries so they can help more families like the one mentioned in my story above.

On behalf of FHFH and all those in our country suffering from hunger, we THANK YOU for your continued interest and support of our mission. Together let’s work to add the next “million served” to our sign this year!

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Josh Wilson
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