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​Guernsey County FHFH in Ohio Donates Over 1,000 pounds of Venision

by | Jan 24, 2019 | News | 0 comments

Guernsey County FHFH (OH-29) recently donated over 1,000 pounds of venison to the Grace Food Pantry in Ohio. 
Fhfh Donates Venison To Grace Food Pantry Jan 2019
Terry Burnett and Matt Bernhard load the donated venison onto a Grace Food Pantry truck
Donations from the Cambridge Kiwanis Foundation, Walmart and Gulfport Energy to FHFH make it possible to feed those in need locally. 

Thank you Kathi Albertson, ​Guernsey County FHFH Chapter Coordinator; hunters who donated deer; and Cambridge Kiwanis Foundation, Walmart and Gulfport Energy!