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Great Lakes FHFh Donates Venison to  Food Pantry in Ohio

by | Feb 4, 2019 | News | 0 comments

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We always appreciate thank you notes from the food banks and ministries that receive nutritious meat from our FHFH chapters.  Ann Szasz, Pantry Captain at the Middlefield Food Pantry wrote: “Thanks for your continued support of the Middlefield First United Methodist Church Food Pantry and the families we serve.  Your generous donation of venison was used to provide nutritious meals to area families in need.  We served 1,329 families (3,516 people) in 2018.  Of those 1,004 were children under 18 years old and 572 were senior citizens.  Thanks again for your donation.  We remain committed to fight against hunger in our communities, and we are thankful for compassionate partners like you.”

Thank you First United Methodist of Middlefield, OH for your letter.  Thank you to Jason Traggiai for serving as chapter coordinator for Great Lakes FHFH (OH-35), the hunters who donated deer and all those who support the Great Lakes FHFH chapter.