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First Deer Donated to FHFH!

by | Dec 22, 2015 | News | 0 comments

Recently several young people in Indiana were recognized for donating their first deer to help feed the hungry through FHFH…

Ken Worman – the FHFH coordinator for Carroll, Cass & Howard Counties – said, “In bow season, I was notified that a 12 year old boy, Wyatt, had harvested his first deer ever and donated it in Cass County. Then opening day of gun season (November 14th), while I was at Simpson’s Deer Processing in Young America promoting FHFH a man asked me, ‘How does my daughter Sara donate her deer?’ I looked down and there stood a cute 13 year old girl with the most awesome smile. She had harvested her first deer ever and wanted to donate it. That is when I realized I was feeling something special – indescribable but totally undeniable – in these two experiences that the Lord provided!”

Wyatt, Sara, and their families gathered in late December at the local Isaac Walton to receive certificates of appreciation from FHFH. Also in attendance was Jason Mitchell of the Emmaus Center who thanked Wyatt and Sarah for their donations and closed the evening with a prayer.