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by | Mar 4, 2020 | News | 0 comments

Meat Being Given To Person

The Blind of Delmarva located in Mardela Springs, Maryland is a small food pantry with a big goal of delivering food to those who cannot access a regular food pantry. Joan Mitcheil, who administers it says, “Our volunteers feed around 40 families and we operate on a shoestring. When given the opportunity of donated venison, I called everyone to see who wanted ‘deer burger.’ Everyone did! They look forward to it now.” Donald, who had a hip replacement, said he no longer hunts but relies on FHFH donations. Jackie said her chili is no good without venison. With the price of donated meat escalating at the Maryland Food Bank, having donated venison from FHFH has made a huge difference in our ability to provide meat to our hungry people. It is a real blessing. Here on the Lower Shore deer meat is a staple.