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A New Generation of Hunters Feeding the Hungry!

Young people nationwide are surprising their parents by deciding to donate their first deer to help feed the hungry!  Feeding others – part of the heritage of hunting – is now being passed on to a new generation of hunters.  Together let’s encourage this next generation of hunters feeding the hungry!

Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.
Proverbs 22:6 (NLT)

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Stories From the Field

Generous Youth in Indiana Donates Buck and Doe to FHFH

In 2019, Andrew in Indiana shot and donated a button buck to FHFH for the local food pantry. He also harvested a nice 13 point that he kept for a mount. With his donation Andrew was entered into a contest for a gift card which he won! The gift card was used to purchase a new hunting rifle that he used in 2020 to shoot two does and another large buck – this time a 9-point that is in the process of being mounted as well. He donated the buck along with one of the does to FHFH. He just had both bucks measured and scored. The one from 2019 was 155 7/8 and the one from 2020 was 153 1/8.

Andrew loves hunting, and his family appreciates having the opportunity to donate the meat locally to help feed those in need once their own freezer is full. Andrew is an honor roll freshman, runs varsity cross country, participates in 4-H and FFA, and he loves hunting, trapping, fishing, forging, and welding. Now he’s added “feeding the hungry” to his young list of accomplishments!

Thank you Andrew for donating your buck to FHFH and helping to feed the hungry people in your community!

Andrew Buck
Lizzie Deer

Generous Youth’s Wish to Donate Her First Deer to Feed the Hungry Comes True!

Chad in Ohio shared with us that his daughter Lizzie donated her first deer to FHFH!  Lizzie has been hunting for three years and it has been her wish to donate her first deer to FHFH.

THANK YOU SO MUCH Lizzie for donating your deer to help feed the people ​in your community struggling with hunger!


Maryland Youth Donates His First Deer to Feed Others

A generous youth in Maryland recently donated his first deer to FHFH.  Eli said, “God blessed me, so I will bless others.”

THANK YOU SO MUCH Eli  for donating your buck to help feed the people ​in your community struggling with hunger.



Maryland Youth Donates

Generous Youth Donates First Buck to Feed the Hungry!

Nick in Ohio shared this inspiring story with us. Last Thanksgiving Nick’s 11 year old son Kyler shot his first buck.  Shortly afterward that day Nick also shot a buck.  Nick said Kyler has such a giving heart that he decided to donate his deer to FHFH.  Nick felt compelled to donate his deer as well so they took both deer to one of our FHFH participating butcher shops – Sunset Meat Market in Piqua, Ohio.  When they donated their deer the butcher thanked them and congratulated Kyler on his first buck.


Nick And Kyler Thanksgiving 2018 3 Photos 2

We sent Nick and Kyler several FHFH hats and an FHFH news magazine.  Kyler was surprised and said, “I want to donate all of my deer to them!”  Nick thought he was just excited by the hats, but was humbled to learn Kyler had been motivated by the stories in our news magazine.  According to Kyler, “We can feed a lot more families with our deer!”

THANK YOU SO MUCH Nick and Kyler for donating your bucks to help feed the people ​in your community struggling with hunger.




Wyatt Deer Donated December 2017 2

Eight-year-old Hunters Feeding the Hungry

It’s wonderful when our children want to help others in need. These two eight-year-old children are wonderful examples of caring and sharing with others!

​Wyatt’s mom posted on FHFH’s Facebook page, “This is my eight-year- old son Wyatt. He took his first deer with a gun on Saturday. He donated the meat to Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry. He said our freezer was full enough and he wanted to help feed the hungry. So proud of him!”

We’re proud of you too Wyatt! And thank you for thinking of others and donating your deer to FHFH to feed the hungry!



Carlee Grace, the eight-year-old daughter of a long-time FHFH Chapter Coordinator in North Carolina, is an amazing young lady.  She likes the outdoors and asked her dad if she could go deer hunting with him.  After watching a young deer for about an hour she decided to take a shot and donated the deer to FHFH to feed the hungry in North Carolina. ​

As you can guess, her dad is very proud of her and so are we!  Thank you Carlee for donating your deer to FHFH to feed those in your community who are unable to get enough to eat!  ​

Carlee Steward Photo
​Emily’First Deer 
(Video produced by TeamFHFH TV, an independent video ministry formed by one of our FHFH coordinators)

In this video, Emily shares her first harvest of a deer. She used her doe to feed her family at their Thanksgiving Day table.

That same season, when she was blessed with her first buck, she asked her grandfather, “Paw Paw can I feed some needy people with this harvest?”

Emily is very proud to be a part of FHFH Kids! Emily says, “Hunting is and will always be my passion and I love it for not only being able to provide meat for my family, but being able to serve God with hunting. I always try to encourage youth to take action and help your community, and hunting and donating meat is one way to do so.”




Noah’s First Deer – by Jason Boyd

This weekend I had the privilege to hunt with my 10 year old son Noah on a Youth Deer Hunt. Noah took his first deer ever a nice doe that gave him a good shot at 30 yards early Sunday morning.

Noah has been praying and practicing in preparation for this opportunity. He has put a lot of time in the woods and has felt the frustration of missed opportunity and tough days afield. He was overjoyed yesterday morning when his shot hit its mark!

After the initial rush of emotion had subsided I asked Noah what he wanted to do with his deer. His response…“Donate it to FHFH.” This was obvious to him and he looked at me as if puzzled that I would ask such a question. He is a boy with a true servant’s heart.

Thank God and thank you Rick (Founder) for FHFH and for helping Noah learn the value of being a servant for Christ!




Wyatt Deer Donated 123456
Wyatt Deer Donated 123456

Girls’ Day Out – by Sherri Good

Well Katlynn it is our second day to bow hunt together. We awaken and it is dark, cold, windy and rainy. We decide not to go. No more than the decision has been made to stay home and the rain stops. So we dress and head out. Zach and Rocky are heading to the north side of the creek and we go to the south side.

We quietly make our way through the dark woods to the ravine and the ravine is filled with water. We cross at a different spot and head back towards the stand. Well at least I think I am headed for the stand! We look and look and cannot find the stand. What the heck?! I know the stand is here. Why can’t we see it? As we wonder around in the dark woods a deer blows four times.

By this time I am frustrated and you are hot from wearing all the clothes I told you to pile on. You say, “Grandma can I sit down? I am hot.” So you sit down on the ground beside a log.


As the sun begins to rise I continue to wander around and look for the stand. Now you are quietly saying, “Stop, Stop!” I look up and there is a doe heading towards you. The doe sees me and runs. So now I am almost in tears and apologize for ruining your hunt.

As you console me you say “It’s ok grandma. You didn’t ruin anything.” I think to myself what a good little trooper! And…where in the world is that stand???

I sit down ten yards from you beside a huge oak and say, “I can’t find the stand. Maybe you will get lucky and get a shot at something that comes by here.”

As I am digging in my pocket for my facemask and gloves, along comes another doe down the trail. It spots us. Looking at us curiously it comes down the trail. I am hugging the tree and trying not to breathe or blink in fear it will see movement. You slowly raise, you aim at the deer, and as she turns you shoot! I hear a thud and see the arrow land in the dirt.

The deer turns and walks away. I say, “Well Katlynn a few seconds later with that shot and you would have had her!” You reply, “Grandma I hit that deer!” We walk over to the arrow and low and behold it is covered in blood! We call in the troops- Grandpa Rocky, Uncle Scott, Zach, and Dawson. We track the deer and find it in the bottom of the creek bed.

Well Katlynn you are pretty proud of yourself and you wear a smile for days. You are excited about the jerky you are going to have. And I am so stinkin’ proud of you!!

I am thankful for being able to spend time in the woods with my granddaughter and for you to experience your first harvest. Now you have your hopes up on getting a buck and I sure hope you get your wish! What a girls’ day out!

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