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Feeding Hungry Students and families

by | Jun 24, 2021 | News | 0 comments

FHFH distributes meat to children and families struggling with hunger in Wicomico County, Maryland through a partnership with a local school food bank. We received the following letter from a parent whose family benefitted from the meat provided by hunters this past season…

I want to thank you for helping our family with food provisions including deer meat.  Being single and helping my sister raise her 6 children can be quite challenging.  From a nutritional perspective, the deer meat provided protein without fat and added chemicals that donated processed meat contains.  The deer meat provides the same flexibility in different meals that beef provides, only it is much healthier.  Our family enjoyed the meat especially when we used it in chili.  Each pack of meat fed 8 people with some left over to partially feed lunch meal the next day.

​I also helped deliver food boxes that contained the deer meat to other homes in our school community.  Many of these families had no transportation to come to the school to pick up the meals.  A memory I will never forget was when we were knocking on a trailer door.  It seemed no one would answer so we left it on the steps.  It was cold and we weren’t worried about it spoiling.  As we were stepping away, a little girl about 11 or 12 opened the door, saw the boxes and shouted excitedly into the trailer, “We’ve got food!”
Supporting the people who provide the deer meat is a much needed essential in our community.  The deer is plentiful, and hunters who reach their limit often donate the deer knowing it can be used in local food banks.  But there are no processing plants to turn the deer into food for the table.  Nor would we want that as it would remove the clean natural healthy chemical free protein that deer meat provides.  The flexibility of meals with the meat makes it a choice meat.

We also received three wonderful thank you notes from students whose families received deer meat through the program…
These messages are a blessing and a testament to the good work being accomplished by the volunteers, hunters, financial donors, and participating meat processors in Wicomico County, Maryland. This is just one example of the impact our ministry is having in many local communities!